PMINZ is a volunteer-led professional association. We have over 60 volunteers who contribute in a variety of areas. From national governance, leadership and operations, to branch and sub-branch activities, these volunteers use their skills, experience, knowledge, networks and contacts to contribute to initiatives that enhance members' experiences of PMINZ.


Are you an inspiring leader?

Are you a super meeting facilitator and clear communicator?

Are you good at prioritising and goal-setting? 

We are seeking four exceptional leaders for our sub-branches in Christchurch, Auckland, Nelson, Hawkes Bay, and Taranaki to provide leadership and direction, coordinate the activities in those regions, and lead the great team of volunteers.

If you possess passion and purpose for making better project managers and have the core skills and capacity to commit in any way, then we would love to hear from you.

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South Island Branch Mentoring Coordinator

The Mentoring Coordinator manages the programme in the regional branch of PMINZ. They engage at a local level with the mentors and mentees, provide information and gather feedback on the progress and the regional programme. They may be required to coordinate and attend training sessions. They manage the payments and report on expenses. The coordinator keeps in regular contact with the National Mentoring Programme Manager, with the Branch Chair and committee. The role requires approximately 10 hrs per week and active participation in ranch commitee meetings and other branch events.

We expect the ideal candidate to be passionate about project management or career in learning and development and have some coaching and mentoring skills. Effective communication skills, time and event management experience are a must. 
You should be comfortable with establishing the first contact and set the relationship with a wide range of people as well as discover their needs and goals. The knowledge of PMI credentials and professional development units might be your winning advantage.

What you can gain:
• great hands-on experience
• something special to add to your CV
• exposure to professionals contributing to PMINZ
• insights from leaders in the project management field
• involvement in PMINZ as a volunteer.
Complete the Volunteer Application if you're interested to be part of the PMINZ Mentoring Programme
Applications close on 30 January 2019.  All candidates considered, including international students.

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uploaded 9 December 2018


2019 Project Management Conference Convenor

PMINZ has proven to be one of the leading-edge chapters of the global Project Management Institute (PMI). As hosts of the well-received annual Project Management Conference, PMINZ continues to build on the success of the previous year. We are seeking interest from programme managers or senior project managers with the skills and passion to take the lead for the 2019 conference in Wellington. 

The PMINZ Conference Convenor is a prestigious volunteer role, expected to start as soon as possible until December 2019. This role requires commitment of approximately 40 hours a month, which will vary based on requirements over the schedule of the project. Support from the conference team, Steering Committee, the Commercial Manager plus our professional conference organising company will make this a team effort.

The 2019 Conference will be held in September in Wellington.  The convenor can be based anywhere in New Zealand. Prerequisites include having project management experience, excellent communication skills, and people management skills.  

If you have a passion for the profession, can motivate yourself and others, and you are willing and able to go the extra mile to ensure success, then we would love to hear from you. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


ICT Roles

This year PMINZ completed a much needed digital transformation. This involved introducing Office 365 Business with the goal of providing volunteers and staff with high quality tools for improved communications and collaboration. The development of a volunteer intranet for chapter news, information, and access to a new Sharepoint application for resources and documents. The system links to the Promapp portal, where the PMINZ processes are documented.
The systems are all up and running and making our volunteers’ lives easier. We are now looking for one or two extraordinary volunteers to manage and oversee these new ICT systems in the following roles:
  • Office 365 Exchange Online (Email) Administrator
  • Office 365 Global Administrator

These roles could be covered by one person. There will be a thorough handover with the existing administrator. 

Read the job descriptions, which outline the specific knowledge and skills required for each role.

Exchange Online (Email) Administrator

Global Administrator

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