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National Board Members

Role Details

President:  Responsible for leading the PMINZ Board in its Governance and Strategic work to meet the aims and objectives of PMI New Zealand.

Vice-President:  Supports the PMINZ President in leading the PMINZ Board and provides input to PMINZ Branches activities.  Is the national conference sponsor and acts as the executive sponsor for all national events.

Secretary:  Will keep adequate records of all proceedings of PMINZ, the PMINZ Board, AGM and any other Special meetings.  The Secretary will have custody of the PMINZ Constitution and By-Laws and ensure all members receive a current version.  Also, is responsible for the PMINZ Administrator.

Treasurer:  Will have charge and custody of all assets and financial records of PMINZ.  Will be responsible for ensuring the associations financial position are audited, and the distribution of funds to Branch Treasurers.

Branch Chairperson:  Overall responsibility for the Branch operational activities such as Monthly meetings, seminars and AGM.  Also responsible to the activities of the Sub-branches in their area.

PMINZ is governed by our Constitution.