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Having a mentor is a proven way of developing your personal and professional capabilities. Many highly successful professionals owe their success to having access to a great mentor.

PMINZ offers a mentoring programme to benefit both mentor and mentees.

For mentees, the benefits include:
•    being able to have an open and honest career discussion in a supportive environment;
•    leveraging the skills, experience and wisdom of someone who’s “been there”;
•    having access to a trusted partner to help you work through current project challenges;
•    learning different ways of thinking;
•    broadening your professional network;
•    earning PDUs.

A mentor is someone who has achieved success in the world of project management. 

For mentors, the benefits include:  
•    giving back to the profession by helping less experienced professionals grow;
•    deriving a sense of achievement as you watch your mentee develop;
•    learning new things through your mentee;
•    broadening your professional network;
•    earning PDUs.

How it works

Mentees submit an application outlining their career experience and the areas they want to develop.  A successful working relationship is expected to last between six and nine months, but the term can always be adjusted.  Mentoring sessions can be face-to-face meetings, via Skype or similar online or video-conferencing tools.

Mentors also submit applications describing their areas of expertise. These applications are assessed by the PMINZ Mentoring team. They will try to find the most suitable mentor for each mentee, based on experience, interests and personal preferences. A formal kick-off and training session will be arranged for each mentor and mentee. The Mentoring Programme Coordinator will introduce the mentor and mentee to each other and will be available to provide ongoing support to the mentoring pairs.  

If you would like to join the Mentoring Programme, please click the document below to register your interest in the programme then email it to the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.