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The annual PMINZ Awards help to enhance both the prestige and the credibility of the recipients and the profession. 


2019 Project Management Awards Nominations Open

We encourage you to nominate before the closing date 30 June.

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Congratulations to the 2017 winners

Project Plus PMO of the Year recognises a project, programme or portfolio management office (PMO) that has increased the success of their company’s (or other entity’s) projects/programmes. Congratulations to Foodstuffs North Island.

As custodian of the Foodstuffs strategic agenda, this PMO has increased both the visibility of the projects portfolio and effective prioritisation as well as enabling robust decision. Foodstuffs have an accountable PMO, rather than passive. The PMOP had a large impact in terms of its scope of influence notwithstanding that it was a small team. It was nimble and dynamic in terms of prioritisation.

Foodstuffs North Island is recognised as a PMO that has increased the success of their company’s projects/programmes. The PMO is the custodian of the strategic agenda of Foodstuffs and supports in execution of Foodstuffs strategy by increasing visibility of their projects portfolio, effective prioritisation and enabling robust decision making around their investments. 


Millpond Public Sector Project of the Year Award recognises both the success of a project and the project team, for the superior performance and execution of exceptional project management in the public sector. Congratulations to the Southdown 35/36 Road Upgrade Project, KiwiRail.

Kiwrail’s Southdown Container Terminal runs 24 hours a da, seven days a week, and handles up to 1.500 truck movements a day with most freight trucked to Tauranga by rail. This project was needed to support growth and enable a turnaround by a 750m train and upgrade the infrastructure. To accommodate multiple users of the site, all project work was delivered with minimal disruption and completed in eight months. To do this, the design team used innovative collaboration approaches with contractors. Logos and rank were left at the door. Multiple design issues had to be overcome including the lack of detail about an old landfill under the site. The project achieved an estimated improvement in turnaround time over 24 hours by 20%.

  • At the beginning of this project, it was considered “an almost insurmountable problem with an almost impossible deadline”. Challenges included:
  • On a daily basis, there were short windows with reduced activity on site – nominally 15 minutes every three hours
    Every day 6 x 750m long MetroPort trains make the return trip from the Port of Tauranga to the site so there was an imperative to keep the business fully operational and strong resistance to a shutdown.
  • Project urgency from Big Ships arriving at the Port in Tauranga – a key customer and therefore a growth in throughput
    Lack of information regarding the site at the design stage (an old landfill capped under clay, parts of the site on reclaimed land, and possible asbestos.
  • Condition of the pavement was unknown.

The project was meticulously planned. The project team worked over the Christmas break with a 10 day shutdown. During the shutdown, work was undertaken around the clock with two shifts and a handover.
While all expected project protocols were employed, the approach of collaboratively contracting the work led to an outstanding outcome: safely, on-time, under budget, fantastic quality and all stakeholder expectations met or exceeded.


Psoda Project of the Year Award recognises the success of a project and the project team, for the superior performance and execution of exceptional project management. Congratulations to Electronic Logging Device, EROAD.

EROAD developed and launched an electronic logging device into the US Market which modernises road charging and tax and safety compliance for road transport by replacing paper-based systems with easy-to-use electronic systems. Affecting more than 4 million drivers, this was the most significant change in North American transportation in 60 years.

EROAD is recognised for the success of the project and the project team, for the superior performance and execution of exceptional project management. EROAD contained very prescriptive technical requirements, defined by more than 300 test procedures. No technology on the market at the time met these requirements, and no technology provider was able to develop a solution until the rule was published. This was a new capability for EROAD, requiring significant research, learning, and hardware development to produce a range of cables for specific vehicle types.


Ara Institute of Canterbury Emerging Project Manager Award recognises rising talent – those individuals who, despite being in the early stages of their project management careers, are already demonstrating that they can make a difference to the project management profession and the companies, organisations and clients for whom they work. Congratulations to Henry Marchant of Beca.

Henry worked on a greenfields brewery project in the developing country of Timor Leste. In an unfamiliar culture and working conditions, Henry applied sound project management principals and provided excellent customer service in ensuring that the construction was completed to the time, cost and quality required.

Henry, despite all the challenges of this project, multi-cultural issues and difficult stakeholders, proved that strong leadership gets results. Demonstrating that leadership, he has made a difference to the project management profession while still being early in his career.


Falcon Training Project Manager of the Year Award recognises a project manager for a significant achievement or sustained performance, in the project management of a project or multiple projects where PMBOK® principles have been applied and demonstrated. Congratulations to Iain Sutherland of Beca.

Iain project managed from initiation to completion the transformation of a contaminated eyesore for a coal storage and demolition yard, into a stunning, compact and highly functional facility to be the spiritual homes for Emerson’s new Brewery and Taproom. The project was complex involving multiple parties and significant external stakeholders of local councils, KiwiRail, NZTA and Heritage New Zealand. Technical and commercial challenges were overcome. Iain clearly articulated the behaviour expected of those on the project and said, “Let’s create a venue where we can proudly to take our families and tell them – I helped create this remarkable facility”. The project was delivered in full, on time, within budget and to a level of quality that has delighted the owners and customers alike.

Iain’s project achievement was made applying PMBOK® principles. Yes, this project has delivered for the client. Yet, it also delivered a showcase building for Dunedin. But also importantly, the project delivered for the team. Iain said, “I’ve had four team members separately tell me this was the best project they have ever worked on, which I find deeply satisfying”.


The Project Management Institute Research Achievement of the Year Award recognises an individual who has advanced the concepts, knowledge, and/or practices of project management through professionally conducted and authored project management research. Congratulations to Gina Barlow of KPMG.

Gina has established regular surveys of the state of project management in New Zealand for KPMG. The objective of the survey was to highlight areas of challenge in project delivery while providing insight into what high performing organisations are doing differently. The report highlights practical recommendations that individuals and organisations can implement at little cost. Read the research.

Gina’s research was innovative and sound, clearly showing advanced concepts, knowledge, and practices of project management through professionally conducted and authored project management research. Moreover, it has become the most quoted and most usable piece of research on project management in New Zealand.


Quest Apartment Hotels Volunteer of the Year Award recognises and honour a PMINZ member who has made a voluntary and significant contribution to the Project Management Institute and the project management profession within the last year. Congratulations to Lindsay Addie, Christchurch, South Island Branch. Read about Lindsay's contribution to PMI.

Lindsay continues to be active in his volunteering roles for PMI. These include Promapp Lead, South Island Branch Volunteer Coordinator,  Review Committee member, a participant on the Constitution review, Nominating Committee Convenor for the new PMINZ Directors election, and the PMINZ operational overhaul known as Project Spring Clean. In recognition, Lindsay won the  2016 PMINZ President’s Award.

Lindsay received four nominations for this award. He is a strong and willing supporter of PMINZ, undertaking not-so-exciting, but paramount stuff such as by-laws, volunteer coordinator and PMI Director Elections.


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