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Project Management Awareness Month - September 2020

Project Management Awareness Month – September 2020

It is well acknowledged that the project management (PM) function is the implementation arm of any strategy. However, not enough is understood or appreciated by those who are not proper practitioners in PM. A number of approaches have been introduced in the recent past which have created a lot of confusion as to how best the PM function is properly carried out by any organisation. In some cases, some PM practitioners have been “appointed” into these roles without adequate grounding PM principles, but merely on the cognisance of their experience while working on PM delivery – “accidental PMs”. 

As the leading body representing the PM profession in New Zealand, PMINZ will be spearheading the campaign aimed at raising the level of awareness in organisations and individuals in New Zealand throughout the month of September 2020. We will be engaging appropriately qualified and experienced practitioners to lead discussions of awareness at all levels including methods of project delivery in a series of panel-based webinars. In addition, organisations will be encouraged to carry out in-house PM awareness activity. 

All webinars will have the following format

  • Ice breaker – Attendees put into breakout rooms of up to 4 people prior to the webinar to network and discuss what they want to get out of the session. 
  • Host – Introduce session and moderator. Coordinate with moderator during Q & A. Manage slides. 
  • Moderator – Introduce topic, provide statistics of interest and introduce panellists - 5 mins 
  • Panellists will be allowed 5 mins each at the start to talk about their experience followed by 15mins of panel discussion among themselves, then 30 mins of interactive Q&A with the audience. Possibility of a 4th panellist from other participating organisations. 

Please navigate to the chosen webinar's event page linked below to register.

Project Management Awareness Month is supported by:

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 PM Progression Webinars

Purpose – the purpose of this webinar is to introduce and explain how one can become a substantive project manager. The discussion will cover what the project manager does - tasks, deliverables and how to become a project manager - certifications, academic courses 

Target audience – professionals from other disciplines who wish to become project managers, anyone who wishes to get into project management, anyone in a project team who is not a project manager 

  1. Host – Kosam Nyamdela/Sharyn Hight 
  2. Moderator – Edward Stanaway 
  3. Panellists – Mike Roberts, Faiz Rasool, David Peddie 

PDUs: Technical - 1


Purpose – The purpose of this webinar is to clarify the roles and responsibilities of programme and portfolio managers. The distinction between these two roles and contrast these with the role of the project manager 

Target audience – project/programme/portfolio managers who want to upskill, programme and portfolio managers who find themselves in these roles without formal training, professionals from other disciplines who wish to become or are already programme/portfolio managers 

  • Host – Kosam Nyamdela 
  • Moderator – Mike Roberts 
  • Panellists – John Punch, Iain Fraser, Keith Robinson, Shane Hastie 

PDU: Technical – 0.5, Business and strategy – 0.5


Purpose – The purpose of this webinar is to explore additional requirements for a project manager to consolidate their role. These include – other certifications, leadership skills, business skills – where to get these from.

Target audience – project managers with only one certification, project managers with no other formal training in “soft” skills, project managers with no formal certification/training

  1. Host – Sharyn Hight
  2. Moderator – Tattianna Picoaga
  3. Panellists – Andreas Drechsler, Leslie Hamilton, Lawrie KirkKaushiki Roy

PDU: Technical – 0.5, Business and strategy – 0.5


Purpose – The purpose of this webinar is to enumerate and explain the types of PMOs that exist, what each of them delivers, composition of the PMOs and position in the organisation structure. Questions to include – is one PMO sufficient, what is the minimum effective PMO structure. Emerging trends – Value Management Office (VMO), will this replace or co-exist with the PMO? 

Target audience – Anyone who works in or leads a PMO, organisation leadership team, anyone interested in knowing/understanding more about PMO structure, intent and operations. 

  • Host – Kosam Nyamdela 
  • Moderator – Vikki Kapoor 
  • Panellists – Sam Farid, Iain Fraser, Amany Nuseibeh, Tattianna Picoaga 

PDU: Technical – 0.5, Business and strategy – 0.5


Purpose – The purpose of this webinar is to inform on what project governance is, how it is set up, contrast/compare with corporate governance, the need and advantages of having a PG structure, minimum PG structure. Current practices, areas of improvement. 

Target audience – Organisation senior leadership teams, anyone willing to know/understand more or to be part of a project governance structure. 

  • Host – Sharyn Hight 
  • Moderator – Kosam Nyamdela 
  • Panellists – Horia Slușanschi, Sam Farid, Keith Robinson, Christine Yip 

PDU: Business and strategy – 0.5, Leadership – 0.5

PM Approaches Webinars


Purpose – The purpose of this webinar is to explain the role of the project management function in the construction industry, is this clearly defined, is this uniformly applied in all organisations, the dependencies, acknowledged authority. Advice to those who wish to become Construction PMs, what is the minimum requirement, industry acceptance? Current delivery practices, areas of improvement and future trends including BIM. 

Target audience – Organisation SLT, Anyone in the construction industry 

  • Host – Sharyn Hight 
  • Moderator – Kosam Nyamdela 
  • Panellists – Donna Howell, Fahimeh Zaeri, Wallace Enegbuma 

PDU: Technical – 1


Purpose – The purpose of this webinar is to explore the explosion of agile based practices, how these impact on organisation-wide comprehension of agile, the subsequent deployment – is this consistent and cohesive? Current experiences, how can these be improved? Future trends 

Target audience – Organisation leadership, anyone interested in understanding/knowing more about agile based delivery and future trends 

  • Host – Kosam Nyamdela 
  • Moderator – Christine Yip 
  • Panellists – Gareth Holebrook, Shane Hastie, Rachel Niven 

PDU: Technical – 1

Other PM Practice Supporting Webinars


Purpose – The purpose of this webinar is to inform on how best to position oneself for getting a job. This comes in the wake of some PM practitioners losing their jobs as a result of covid-19. Some may not have been on the market for a long time. This can be done either as one webinar or a couple covering CV, cover letter, approaching the hiring company/agent, interview, and follow-ups in between. 

Target audience – Anyone interested in updating their CVs or knowing more about current employment practice and how the recruitment process works 

  • Host – Sharyn Hight 
  • Presenter – Kamahl Conor 

PDU: Business and strategy – 1


Purpose – The purpose of this webinar is to explore the experiences of those affected and the steps that those in power are taking to address this. General perceptions and association of people based on looks, accent, gender, age etc. stereotyping. The effect on project delivery. How to create an environment that has a culture of acceptance 

Target audience – Anyone, everyone 

  • Host – Kosam Nyamdela 
  • Moderator – Sharyn Hight 
  • Panellists – Amany Nuseibeh, Kaushiki Roy, Cillin Hearns 

PDU: Leadership - 1

Networking Events


Academic Outreach – 2 September, 1.00pm

This webinar is tailored for students from tertiary institutions and aspiring non project managers. The objective of this webinar is to introduce the concept of project management by looking at what a project is and where it fits inside organisations. We will also delve into our roles as Project Managers and look at the top 10 tips to get ahead. Join us for some advice on how to enter the profession and valuable insights from experienced board members.

Participants also stand a chance to win PMINZ membership vouchers!

GM National Networking Forum (Lunch Time Session) – 17 September, 12:00pm

We want to hear your views! As GM I will be hosting an informal networking event that will be interactive and aimed at keeping our finger on the pulse of the Industry. Participants will be asked to share in small groups whats happening in their industry, progress, issues and other events, then we will bring back to the main group for feedback.This will be a monthly recurring event , alternating with a lunch time session one month, and an evening event the following month to allow greater accessibility. Feel free to eat your lunch or bring a drink - this is an opportunity to network with your peers not a lecture series!

Women In Project Management - Networking Forum - 30 September, 7:00pm

The final event for Project Management Awareness month will be the launch of the Women in Project Management networking event. This will be the first of ongoing monthly events to provide networking, professional development and guest speakers to Women involved in Project Management. This will be interactive and provide guidance and advice on career enhancement and development, discuss equality in the work place and other exciting topics. There is the potential for this to grow to an international network as discussions are underway with other PMI chapters overseas who are looking to host similar events. We look forward to seeing you soon.



Organisations will be encouraged to carry out the following 1-hour sessions during the month of September 2020.  These discussions are meant to highlight the position of the PM in the organisation and identify ways in which PM practitioners can carry out their duties in a more informed and thus efficient environment. They are not meant as grievance launching platforms. The SLT will explain the PMs position and role in the organisation. The PMs would then explain their roles and responsibilities to the project teams - both existing and potential. The activities outlined below are meant as guidelines only. Each organisation is free to do what they think is best in their given circumstances. 

Organisations are encouraged to send their logos as a sign of commitment to the PM awareness month activities and all participating organisations’ logos would be posted. 

  • Advantages for the organisations 
  • Help in identifying the gaps that need to be addressed 
  • Help in encouraging conversations and information flow 
  • Create a better environment for project delivery with a better understanding of the organisation project delivery mechanisms and the respective support structure 

PM discussion with non-PMs 

Purpose – PM practitioners would have sessions with non-PMs to explain what their role is all about, their expectations from their project teams, the mandate to deliver. Non-project managers would seek clarification of why and how their work is impacted by their respective interactions with project managers. Both parties would explore areas of improvement.  

Senior Leadership Team discussion with PMs 

Purpose – SLT discussion with PM practitioners. Are the PMs empowered to deliver – delegated authority – financial, decision-making. Organisational strategy and roles of PMs in the delivery. PM pain-points, training, methodologies, support software, reporting, uniformity and integration of delivery. Current practices, areas of improvement. 

In order for the organisational conversations to be productive, they should be anonymous with no-victim intent. 

PMINZ Branches

Each branch to decide on how best they can support the PM awareness initiative depending on their respective available resources.

Please check branches' event pages for more information.