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    PMINZ Auckland is a vibrant community of professionals and students coming from various industry sectors. The branch endeavours to facilitate education, certification and professionalism in project...

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02/08/2017 5:30 pm - 15/11/2017 7:30 pm
$120 due at the start
of the semester

The Auckland Certification Preparation Network will run from 2 August 2017, each Wednesday for 16 consecutive weeks.



25/10/2017 5:30 pm -7:30 pm
18 Viaduct Harbour Ave, Auckland, 1010, New Zealand

PMINZ is happy to invite you to the October 2017 Auckland sub-branch meeting.

Our guest speaker is Perry A. Woolley. He will present a lecture on “Air crash investigations and what the project managers should learn from them".

The days when the aviation industry got by ‘on a wing and a prayer’ are long-gone: for many years now, aviation industry has an enviable safety-record, partly as a result of an obsessive focus on risk-management, and learning lessons from the (relatively few) accidents that do happen.

Delivering projects, by comparison, appears to be a more risky proposition, and all-too-often project-managers appear to need to ‘wing it’.

The discussion will focus on some research into the human-factors in aviation accidents, and what project-managers can learn from them. 

We’ll cover some related themes, including :

  • If Aeroplanes were Projects, we’d probably all stay at home!
  • Is aviation dangerous? ..or just risky ?
  • Why pilots crash aeroplanes (..and why projects fail)
  • Some interesting crashes

What project-managers can learn from this


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