PMI New Zealand

Project Management Institute of New Zealand

The New Zealand Chapter of PMI (PMINZ) was formed in 1993. It is a non-profit organisation chartered by PMI®.


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PMINZ's purpose



PMINZ’s main purpose is advancing the practice, science, and profession of project management in a conscious and proactive manner. 


Specific purposes: 

  • To serve as New Zealand’s national project management association. 
  • To foster professionalism in the management of projects. 
  • To contribute to the quality and scope of project management. 
  • To stimulate appropriate application of project management for the benefit of the public. 
  • To provide a recognised forum for the free exchange of ideas, applications, and solutions to project management issues among members, and others interested and involved in project management. 
  • To identify and promote the fundamentals of project management and advance the body of knowledge for managing projects successfully. 
  • To collaborate with, and provide guidance to universities, other educational institutions and corporate entities on appropriate education, career and professional development at all levels of project management.
  • To provide a guiding influence in academic and industrial research in the field of project management. 
  • To advise other associations and organisations on matters related to project management. 
  • To support the formation and development of local branches and specific interest groups. 
  • To seek and foster domestic and international cooperation and contacts with other organisations, both public and private, which relate to project management and to collaborate in matters of common interest and benefit. 
  • To identify, develop, foster and maintain professional practices, ethical and accreditation standards and principles.



The New Zealand Chapter of PMI (PMINZ) is made up of three branches.

Each branch is governed by a branch chair who is also a member of the PMINZ Board of Directors. The branch chairs represent the views of the branch committees to the board and implement board decisions in the regions.

Each branch is governed by the PMINZ constitution and carries out its business complying with PMINZ’s policies and procedures.



Within each branch are sub-branches that act as local representation for PMINZ for its members across the country. 

Click on the linked sub-branches below to find out more about who is involved in that region and what activities are on.

Northern Branch
Central Branch
South Island Branch

* not currently active.

The branch provides infrastructural support including funding and liaison with the PMINZ Board. The sub-branch or group reports to their regional branch.

According to the constitution sub-branches based on non-geographical criteria can also be formed, such as local interest groups, student or education groups, or industry or technical sector groups.  If you are interested in establishing a new sub-branch, please contact the PMINZ President.



The New Zealand Chapter of PMI (PMINZ) has around 1631 members (at October 2018).

To be a member of PMINZ, you also have to be a member PMI®.  Join PMINZ.


PMINZ has three types of memberships:

  • General members
  • Student members  (registered in an accredited educational institution on a full-time basis). 
  • Retiree members – PMI Members, who have been in good standing for five consecutive years, and are retired from active employment.