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Message from Kosam Nyamdela, Past-President PMINZ

Message from Kosam Nyamdela, Past-President PMINZ



This year has been one of the most difficult for most of us as individuals and just as much, PMINZ, as an organisation. It was essential that we continued to provide value and engagement throughout the periods when physical meetings were not possible. Of particular mention are the number of webinars which were capped with the September project management awareness month series. We also saw a refresh of our constitution, a virtual conference in conjunction with PMI Australian chapters and board elections. 2020 NZ PM Awards ceremony is planned for early next year. 


Our Profession

Most people among our membership, who have practiced the PM profession earlier have now since moved into senior positions and have become less engaged and less inclined to get involved to further the interest and standing of the PM profession among other professions as PMINZ members. This is in stark contrast to the global PMI body endorsing the practice at the highest levels with top-notch research, coupled with contributions from fortune 500 companies and first world government bodies. Fortunately, a few good people have remained loyal to furthering the profession and I have had the privilege of working with these individuals to create successful events like “The future of project management in NZ” and the September PM Awareness month webinar series and them being judges for the NZ PM Awards – my eternal thanks and gratitude to you all.

PMINZ is the voice of project management in New Zealand. We need to lead the way in ensuring that all reputable institutions defer to us in all matters relating to PM. We will do this by providing advice, direction and maturity indicators for individuals and organisations in a non-partisan way. In addition to being a chartered affiliate of PMI, we are in a very good position to advise NZ organisations and individuals on how to conduct the business of PM. New Zealand is a small country with demonstratable immense resources, that compete on an even keel at global level and with us coming tops comparatively. The fact that we are small makes us relatively insignificant in an economic sense, but invaluable as a test and launching pad for emerging innovative ideas. We should take advantage of this and encourage global organisations to come to us as a first resort to test any new innovations.

The PMINZ board is preparing the chapter for future challenges. Here is a snippet of what each of our portfolio leads are working on:

The MarCom team – led by Christin Yip as Vice President (VP) – already has a running weekly newsletter, social media and website member updates, including scheduled events and promos. They have also created graphics for events. This will be the mouthpiece of the chapter. Well done Marcom Team.

Academic Outreach Team – Led by Donald Cruz as VP. This team has engaged academia – both students and lectures in PM. They have run a number of webinars and will be continuing to engage with the ultimate aim of bridging the gap between academia and industry. Well done academic outreach team!

Volunteers and Membership Team – Led by Kamahl Conor as VP. This team has been instrumental in boosting the volunteer capability by recruiting suitably experienced and qualified people to fill in volunteer vacancies. They are also working on ways to retain and encourage more membership. Well done Volunteers and membership Team!

IT Team – Led by Tattianna Picoaga as VP. This team has worked hard to deliver the PMI rebranding which has also led us to refreshing the chapter logo. They have made numerous and impressive changes to the chapter website, the O365 Intranet and they are finalising work on a virtual PMO. The virtual PMO is something that can be easily projected into mainstream originations. They are also considering options which will allow members only log in. – fingers crossed! Well done IT Team!

Governance Team – Led by Nicola Faithful as VP. This team has led our constitution refresh to a more robust and enabling future focused constitution. They are currently working on the chapter governance maturity model and leading the chapter strategic planning process. The latter is a board collective. Well done governance team!

Special Events – Led by Madalin Ciubotaru. This team was tasked with creating a refresh and continuance in our annual conference delivery. The current team has only been in place since September and has already achieved realisable outcomes by appointing a capable conventions planner and deputy conventions planner. The appointments are strategically aimed at succession and continuance. The team, in conjunction with other portfolios, is also looking at other events which will provide member value. Well done Special Events Team!

Professional Development (PD) Team – Led by Matthew Percival as VP. This team is looking at ways to adapt to the ever-changing PMI exams. They are currently implementing measures to create professional continuance and standardisation of PMP and CAPM study group material. They are also working on creating professional mentoring programmes which are crucial to the profession at all levels of project management. Well done PD Team!

Branches Team – Led by Samantha Samuel as VP. This team has direct local contact to chapter members. This team has been severely impacted by Covid-19. As a chapter we have resolved to using webinars as a means to continuously engage members. Branch operations have since in some instances resumed normal operations. These operations are set to diversify from the current monthly meetings in most instances to site visits, morning teas, focus groups (like young PMs, PMOs, portfolio, programme etc) and so on in due course depending on need and capacity. Well done Branches Team!

Finance Team – Led by Kevin Jones VP. The team leads the financial budget process and has been diligent in providing the board with monthly financial analysis based on the set budget. They have also timely processed expense claims and astutely reinvested the chapter reserves into term deposits. Well done finance team!

Chapter Vice President (CVP) – Brian Belworthy. The CVP has mainly been the shadow to the present to provide emergency backup to the chapter oversight. Brian has been instrumental in organising board meetings and ensuring chapter records are properly documented and stored. The CVP has also attended a number of steering group meeting and has ensured that discussion conformed to chapter goals and objectives. Brian will be the chapter interim president from 1/1/2021 – Well done Brian!

President (P) – Kosam Nyamdela (me) – I have been responsible for the oversight of the strategic and operations of the chapter, as president and CEO. Our organisation, has seen a lot of transformation from a purely volunteer based organisation to an organisation where we had a minimal number of employees. This created several levels of complexities and challenges which we are in the process of redefining and simplifying – a PM speciality 😊. Among the many accomplishments in this role include establishing PMINZ as the voice of PM in various institutions, collaboration and engagement with tertiary institutions government departments, large business organisations> Collaboration with like minded professional institutions, involving senior leaders in the profession, creating greater PM nationwide awareness through webinars, influencing PMI Australia chapters into a joint conference and much more. I have always encouraged an open-door policy and happy to elaborate on anything that has to do with the chapter while I am still president and beyond. I am in the process of transitioning my role as President to Brian and that of CEO to Sharyn. My term as president and CEO of the chapter ends on 31/12/2020.

General Manager (GM) – Sharyn Hight. In the comparatively short time that Sharyn has been GM, she has helped to organise a series of webinars, balancing this with an onerous day to day management of chapter activities. Sharyn has initiated a chapter-wide, women in PM group, which has taken root with astounding results. She has attended all board meetings and eventually took over the onerous minute taking. Her involvement ensures that the operational arm is up to speed with strategic developments. Sharyn is tasked with delivering the 2020 NZ PM Awards and has handled this very well to date. Sharyn will be taking over the chapter operational oversight in due course. – Well Done Sharyn!


Looking Ahead

The elections have ushered in a couple of board members with unique expertise that the board would be happy to embrace. I have had the privilege of having a conversation with them and you should expect the following going forward

from Bushra Nur – among other allocated board duties, Bushra will be continuing negotiating partnerships with tertiary institutions realating to provision of short courses for members

from Ian Currie – among other allocated board duties, Ian will represent the PM profession in the construction industry council – notably as an alternate member at the NZCIC.

2021 NZ PM Conference


We are considering separating the conference into symposium/seminarsworld and conference. The symposium may be held in July perhaps in Wellington and the conference in Auckland - September. This is due to the feedback from members that three consecutive days were a bit too much to commit to, at a given time. The committee as a whole will deliberate on the symposium programme which will basically be composed of masterclasses.

Conference theme is - Celebrating Diversity. The diversity part includes the usual - race, gender, age, colour, religion etc., plus project frameworks, delivery methods etc. Here is the proposed structure with names of those already committed filled in.

By-line: A project professionals management conference by project management professionals for project management professionals


Conference Committee Structure – “Work smart not hard. Have fun”

  • Convention Planner – Kosam Nyamdela – the strategic one
  • Deputy Convention Planner – Sandy Mandic – the creative one
  • Leads
  • Project manager - Keeps us all on track – Skye Mauch
  • Marketing comms – Creative content for website, social media, scheduled newsletters - Vacant
  • Programme – Masterclasses, key note, invited speakers, break out - Vacant
  • Event – at the conference, welcome troupe, awards ceremony, dress themes, extra curricula – for spouses – site visits etc - Vacant
  • Finance – analysis and tracking financial targets - Vacant
  • Awards – Nominations, Judging- Sharyn – the resourceful one
  • Sponsorship – Exhibiters/session sponsors/Awards night sponsor/ - Kosam, Sharyn
  • IT – Website, App, auto pdu recorder – Vacant
  • Student seminar – Antonio and Ferry – Co-leads (AUT Lecturers)

If you are interested in joining the conference committee either in a lead or support role – email your expression of interest at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Happy Holidays to you all!