PMI New Zealand Chapter

Update to PMI Membership Process

Update to PMI Membership Process

You will be aware that PMI global have made changes to the membership process recently. There have been some technical issues that have accompanied this rollout.

PMI advise the following issues have now been resolved:

  • Members can renew their individual PMI Memberships and Chapter Memberships at the same time again. Chapter membership will now be added to cart automatically during renewals. (excluding Student Memberships) – refer to attachment ‘Renew’
  • Upon check-out, individuals purchasing PMI Membership are invited to join a PMI Chapter and are given three local Chapters, based on their location. – refer to attachment ‘ Suggestions’

CCart Chapter SuggestionsCart Renew

Chapter membership will now be added to the cart directly, rather than taking customers out of the cart experience.

  • When organizations purchase student chapter memberships in bulk, they are now charged the appropriate student member pricing.
  • We can more easily process refunds on an item members purchased with their auto-renew membership orders.