PMI New Zealand Chapter

Changes to PMI Membership Processes

Changes to PMI Membership Processes

We would like to inform you of the recent developments to Chapter membership on Auto-renewal and the purchasing restrictions that come along with it:

  1. Chapter Membership Auto Renewal Changes
  • Similar to a PMI Membership, when you complete a Chapter Membership purchase, your Chapter Membership will now be automatically opted-in for auto renew.
  • If you are a current PMI Member (and enrolled in auto renew), and you complete a purchase for a new Chapter Membership, then the Chapter Membership will automatically be enrolled in auto renew.
  • Your Chapter Membership will move onto the same cycle as your existing PMI Membership renewal cycle.
  • If you wish to opt out of the Chapter auto renewal post-purchase, you must opt out in your myPMI profile. Please be advised that opting out of Chapter Membership auto renew will cancel auto renew for Chapter Membership only.
  • Opting out of auto renew for PMI Membership will cancel auto renew for both your Chapter Membership and PMI Membership.
  • Please note that Student and Retiree PMI Memberships require manual renewal. Auto renew is not an option.
  • If you opt-out of auto renew for your PMI Membership and later return to renew manually, the system should NOT automatically opt you in for auto renew going forward. You will not be required to save your payment details to complete checkout.
  • Existing Chapter Memberships and PMI Memberships will continue to auto renew in USD only (until December 2020).
  1. Chapter Membership Purchase Restrictions

To prevent purchasing a Chapter Membership twice or purchasing a Chapter Membership for an undesired short duration, there are new rules to restrict Chapter Membership purchases and improve the Chapter Membership experience.

    • When you attempt to purchase or renew a Chapter Membership you will be restricted from purchasing/renewing a Chapter Membership if you do not hold an active PMI Membership and/or do not have a Membership product in your Cart.
    • If you are a PMI Member who is eligible for renewal (i.e. in last 3 months of your current membership), you must have a PMI Membership renewal product in the Cart in order to purchase any Chapter Membership.
    • If you purchase a Chapter Membership after purchasing a PMI Membership, its renewal cycle will automatically align to the PMI Membership auto renewal cycle.

Please let us know if you’ve further questions on these enhancements.