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2020 PMINZ Board of Directors Elections

2020 PMINZ Board of Directors Elections



  • Call for nominations

  • Key dates

  • Candidate criteria

  • Nominations information pack

  • Submitting a nomination

  • Elections and Nominations Committee


Call for nominations

The 2020 Nominations Committee is calling for the nomination of candidates to join the PMINZ Board of Directors.

If you are considering becoming a candidate, please review the job description for the PMINZ Board of Directors role and nomination documents in the nominations pack.


Key dates

Call for nominations open

Wednesday 30 Sepember 2020

Call for nominations close

Wednesday 28 October 2020

Voting Opens

Wednesday 18 November 2020

Voting Closes

Wednesday 9 December 2020


Candidate Criteria 

Candidates ideally should have a background in, experience or sound knowledge of some of the seven criteria listed below. There may be other examples in addition to those listed. 

  • PROJECT, PROGRAM OR PORTFOLIO MANAGER EXPERIENCE - For example: The candidate is a subject matter expert and able to significantly participate in market perspective discussions that will contribute to strategy formation.
  • KNOWLEDGE OF PMI\PMINZ FUNCTIONING - For example: Good understanding of PMINZ’s current strategy (mission, objectives and goals), governance structure, organization, programs, products and services, which can be achieved through volunteering exposure, corporate council, or other ways of collaboration with PMINZ.
  • STRATEGIC PLANNING EXPERIENCE - For example: Professional development focused on strategic planning (courses, seminars, etc.); devised and/or contributed to strategies and policies ensuring that an organization met its goals; worked in a strategy function; or experience in a project portfolio management role.
  • SENIOR MANAGEMENT EXPERIENCE - For example: Senior management position in a corporation, non- profit and/or academic institution; managing teams; responsible of day to day activities; understands and can articulate the big picture and key drivers of an organization; establishing performance targets.
  • BOARD/GOVERNANCE EXPERIENCE - For example: Strategic dialogue and decision-making; fiduciary oversight; good governance practices; dealing with CEO matters; succession planning.
  • FINANCIAL LITERACY - For example: Good understanding of key financial concepts (balance sheet, profit and loss, forecasts, etc.) and financial reports, or experience in tying financial statements to programs and strategy for a comprehensive view.
  • VOLUNTEER/LEADERSHIP EXPERIENCE - For example: The understanding and appreciation of working in a collaborative, collegial, respectful, and productive way with people having diverse backgrounds and viewpoints.

Note: The Elections and Nominating Committee Policy Section 10.0 stipulates that the Elections and Nominating Committee will use these seven criteria to assess candidates. 

See either the Candidate Nomination Acceptance & Eligibility Form or the Elections and Nominating Committee Policy for some examples of skills and experience related to the seven criteria above.


Nominations information pack

The downloadable 2020 Nominations Information file (see next section) includes the following documents to complete, job descriptions to refer to and policies to be aware of:

Documents to complete

1.     Candidate Nomination Form

2.     Candidate Nomination Acceptance & Eligibility Form

3.     Candidate Profile and Election Statement

Job descriptions

1.     Member of the Board of Directors





Submitting a nomination

  • Download the 2020 Nominations Information file
  • Send the following items to the Elections and Nominating Committee at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by Wednesday 28 October 2020, 5 PM:

Candidate Checklist 

1.     Candidate Nomination Form completed, signed and dated by the nominator. 

2.     Candidate Nomination Acceptance & Eligibility Form (this form) completed, signed and dated. 

3.     Candidate Profile and Election Statement completed. 

4.     A heads and shoulders colour digital photo in jpeg format. 

5.     A copy of the candidate’s current CV in either pdf or Word format is included. 

Elections and Nominating Committee

The Elections and Nominating Committee was appointed by the PMINZ Board in accordance with the PMINZ Constitution.

The 2020 Elections and Nominating Committee members are:

  • Vicki Taylor (Convenor)
  • Greg Dick
  • Toni Iaseto, PMINZ Fellow

If you have any questions or require further information about serving on the PMINZ Board of Directors, then please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .